Củ và Rễ

About Us

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We strive to craft healthy and delicious plant-based meals of the highest quality, for a purpose.

Welcome to Củ & Rễ – the best vegan restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Our goal is to provide a healthier dining experience with delicious plant-based meals. Enjoy exquisite cuisine and join us in making a positive impact on the environment and securing animal well-being. 

We believe that our choices have a huge impact, not only on personal health but on the environment and animal well-being. Opening this restaurant was the start of making the world a better place. We offer healthy and delicious vegan options for people who want to eat tasty food and also have a positive influence on the world.

Visit us today to try our fully plant-based menu.

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Our Food

We make everything from scratch, from fresh cashew cheese to handmade noodles. Check out our menu and order a delicious, plant-based meal now.

Our Menu

Our food is completely vegan, made from scratch, and with whole, plant-foods. From breakfast to desserts, you’ll find something delicious and nutritious.

They Love Our Food

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Don’t take it from us, hear from our satisfied guests why you should try our meals. Don’t hesitate to stop by and taste our amazing plant-based food so we can make a difference in the world together.