Củ và Rễ

Củ và Rễ

Making a Plant-Based Diet an Everyday Enjoyment

with a versatile menu of delicious Vietnamese, other Asian and Western dishes

Củ và Rễ

Making a Plant-Based Diet an Everyday Enjoyment

with a versatile menu of delicious Vietnamese, other Asian and Western dishes.

Củ và Rễ

Making a Plant-Based Diet an Everyday Enjoyment!

with a versatile menu of delicious Vietnamese, other Asian and Western dishes

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Củ và Rễ

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We know that staying healthy can be a challenge in today’s modern world, and that’s why at Củ & Rễ we have created a culinary experience that will guide you on this journey, whether you’re vegan or just looking to have a healthier lifestyle. Our plant-based meals pass the meat-eater test, offer an abundance of flavors and have a positive impact on animal welfare and the environment.

Our Features

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So you can decide more easily what to order from our rich menu, we listed our favorite dishes just for you. Check out the following:
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Rice Dishes

Enjoy amazing meals with brown or white rice. We offer:

  • Steamed tofu with mushroom in mild Sichuan sauce
  • Rice steamed with coconut juice, bok choy salad, tofu, and mushroom
  • Stewed jackfruit and tofu with laksa leaves

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Pasta, Burger and Sandwich

Enjoy quick dishes such as:

  • Pulled jackfruit and shiitake mushroom burrito with guacamole and salsa
  • Mushroom and chickpeas burger with fries and salad
  • Steamed baguette with cassava and mushroom

Soup & Salad

Start your dinner with delicious soup and salad choices. We offer:

  • Roasted pumpkin soup, cashew cream, toasted sourdough, and cashews
  • Cabbage, green apple, and king oyster mushroom
  • Roasted beets and carrot, fresh orange and cashew creme fraiche

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For an amazing start, try our:

  • Broken rice with mushroom cake & BBQ soy protein
  • Rice noodle soup, bok choy, mushroom, veggie sausage
  • Vermicelli with fried spring rolls, BBQ soy protein with “unfish” sauce
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Kids Menu

We have meals specially prepared for young vegans.

  • Coconut, rice, carrot, broccoli, tofu
  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Creamy fettuccine with veggies
  • Cashew cheese, scrambled tofu, seitan patty sandwich
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks

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After a healthy main course, try our delicious desserts:

  • Black beans in coconut milk
  • Raw cake made from nut milk and coconut sugar
  • Triple chocolate cake
  • Mango and passion fruit cake
  • Tiramisu


Our experienced chef has successfully recreated several meaty classics, such as Broken Rice and Pork Chop (Cơm Sườn Bì Trứng), Pork Patties Noodles (Bún Chả), Western Breakfast, Spaghetti Bolognaise, and Lasagna…into unique, plant-based versions. We use healthy alternatives such as plant proteins, mushrooms, tempeh for chewy texture, cashews and almonds for the cheesy flavor, black Himaylan salt for egginess, and fresh veggies for the wholesome, textured taste.

With a menu ranging from Vietnamese family dishes to Western favorites and other Asian delights, we aim to provide daily meal enjoyment, no matter whether you want something comforting or adventurous with your taste buds!


Our bar serves nutritious smoothies, delicious juices, kombucha, and delicious nut milk creations.

Want to elevate your meal with guests? To enjoy a bit more entertainment with your meal, opt for our craft beers, reasonably priced wine list, or fun vegetable & fruit-forward cocktails.

The Green Approach

Utilizing a modern water filtration system, we use filtered water to wash vegetables, cook your food and make drinks. This ensures that our water source is purified from pathogens and heavy metals and eliminates our need to serve plastic bottles completely.
Our delivery packaging materials and serving containers are environmentally friendly. We hope to limit waste to the minimum while serving.

The Positive Impact

It has been proven that animal products contain harmful dietary cholesterol, proteins, and hormones, while plants do not. It is the kindest thing that individuals struggling with health can do for their bodies, especially those with high-risk for heart disease, joint and gut issues, and extra weight. Releasing your body from the heavy workload of digesting animal proteins by switching to the gentle digestive properties of plant-based food, you can save the extra energy to be more productive during the day and to heal your body.

Going plant-based does not only benefit your health greatly, it is the single biggest act anyone can commit to reducing the negative environmental impact of animal consumption. Our meat farming and fishing industry has been unkind to the earth, causing deforestation, destroying ocean habitats, and producing massive greenhouse gas emissions. And on a personal level, it has eroded our health and our relationship with nature.
Thousands of billions of innocent animals have been raised in poor conditions, the young separated from their mothers, abused, and slaughtered simply for our taste pleasure. In fact, every plant-based meal that you consume will help reduce the unnecessary suffering. Your choices do make a difference and going plant-based is one that has both personal and collective impact!

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Stop by and taste our amazing plant-based food so we can make a difference in the world together.

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